It Just Got “Reel”

Welcome you, whoever you are, to this “reely” random site of movie reviews. I love a lot of things in this world: a comfortable hoodless sweatshirt, gorillas that make me question the nature of humanity, friends with boats, hot cheese. But the two things that bring me the purest joy are writing and movies. Both serve as fantastical escapes, adventures into a new world or unexamined perspective. So, I figured, why not use my joy to yell judgingly at people about movies I think they should like, because did I mention what also brings me joy is bringing joy to others? Am I talking about joy too much?

Thanks for being here and taking the time to bask in my weirdness. I hope you’re cool and you like good movies, because if not, you should leave meow. If you’re a lover of movies and ready to discover some gems for your queue, come on down!